you never really know people
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Thread: you never really know people

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    your girlfriend

    you never really know people

    so i was looking to get some uphosltery work done on my truck, and what do i find......

    i have met many people who ride, and generally get a good feeling about them, but this guy, not only made my spidey senses tingle, but has caused grief to a couple of my female friends. this just reinforces what my gut feelings are.

    i have been patient with this person for quite a while, as he appears to be a text /keyboard know who you are, and i offer you to tell me to my face, how tough you and your athletic 250lbs are, as i am tired of hearing your idle threats from others.

    i have been a member of this riding community for a long time. i truly have enjoyed, and embraced every one of the riders that i have met, and rode with. however, i will not tolerate you bullying myself,or other respected members of this riding community. we are all tired of your idle threats. you have attacked our personal email, facebooks, pm's, phones and even work places!!! we have all taken the higher road and not responded, retaliated or even acknowledged your actions, in hope you would eventually grow up. it has been a year and you are still the ticking time-bomb, idle-threathening bully you were a year ago. we have all had enough.

    you come on here acting like a wise, well seasoned rider. i beg to differ.


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    These people need to get a real job. I mean how can you make a living scamming people $1500? You would have to do that consistently and eventually you will get caught. Wtf are you going to tell your kids? These guys are sad mofos!

    They need to get some brains. It's way easier to make money in the market then scamming.

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    How about you guys let us in on who he is.... Why keep hiding his name? Cast him out to the wolves for frig sake.....Come on i want to see blood.....

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    Al Larson aka SonOfLars?

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    There's no harm in linking to one of his own posts (scroll to bottom):

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    So who the hell is he here? For the sake and safety of BCSB members, please lay his tag name out for all to see.
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    I don't think you'll get the confrontation you crave Roger.
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    That guy seems to like to make threats. So far there doesn't appear to be anything behind them.
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    it could be one hell of a slap fight tho, maybe some hair pulling as well.
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    What a shitbird. And creeping on the women is just the over the top icing on the cake.

    Thanks for one last additional laugh Son of Lars. Ah, we barely knew ye and your lack of integrity!

    On another note, the US government has contacted me this morning -- hiring my gut feelings for national security purposes.


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    "my personal experiences

    when i needed carpet for my 76 2002 last year, my 1st choice was to buy from was Al Larson. i wrote him telling what i was looking for and received a single sample, not even close to what i'd described with his opinion that what he sent me would be better for me than what i ask'd for...and he would not commit to a delivery date just that he had to be paid before he could do anythingneedless to say, i decided to buy elsewhere...after sharing my experience with a few others, this is an email i recv'd from Larson......

    Actual Email From Larson:

    Esty, I am DONE biting my tongue, and walking on eggshells around you. You've pissed me off too god damned much now, and I've had it. I tried phoning you so we could have a rational discussion, but you're an irrational person, and you never returned my call. I've tried posting the evidence I gathered, calling you out for the fraud, and trouble maker you are, but that never helped. You've left me with this as my last option to deal with you. Well, short of flying to Byhalia and drowning you in a fucking river, but I'm not a violent person....yet. So, here it is.......SHUT THE FUCK UP, you stupid douchebag! I'm sick of your shit. You were never even a customer, or even wanted to be. You're a pathetic, lifeless shell of a human, and I wish for terrible things to happen to you. You really need to find a hobby that doesn't involve being a useless cunt, and turn some of your negative energy to good use. You make me want to quit dealing with the 02 community as a whole, but I know better than that. In the 12 years I've been involved in these wonderful little cars, I've met less than a handful of people I disliked. YOU, are in that group of course. I've worked with hundreds of people in my business, and 99.5% of them make me want to keep doing what I'm doing. It's that last 0.5%(YOU), that make me sick, and make me reconsider all mail order work, and simply continue working in the local markets. Believe me, I am NOT getting rich off selling $220 nylon carpet sets, or $70 door boards. Hell, I even lose money when I sell $900 Recaro seats. Very little of what I do in the 02 community puts real money in my pocket, but I do it anyway, and want to continue doing it. Trust me, I am MORE than busy enough with local work, and repeat customers, that I do not need to deal with a twat like you. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment, but that's life. I've apologised to everyone who has ever received an order late, and I always do what I can to make it right. All I can do is try to do the best job I can, and sometimes, deadlines don't let me do that. I would rather kill a deadline, than lose quality. If it means that I work 80 hours per week in the shop, and don't answer the phone, that's fine with me. I've already explained what I'm doing to correct that problem anyway, so don't bother with some bullshit, smartass comment, got it?I'm I'm exhausted. REALLY seriously fucking exhausted, and I want to go to bed now. I can't though, because I have more work to do. Hell, maybe when I get a minute, I'll book a flight to Memphis, and come pay you a visit. Wouldn't THAT be fun? I sure think it would.I know I'm going to catch hell for typing what I just did, but I don't care anymore. You're a useless bitch, and anyone who matters, already knows that. I may lose some orders because of what I typed, but that's just life. You should take this whole post, put it in your blog, and then fucking smoke it, you cunt. I'm done with you, and I'm done with this shit. Fuck off.

    Sincerest FUCK YOU,

    Al Larson

    ps - Enjoy your shitty carpet set. I bought one of them to take it apart, and everything I said about it in my earlier posts was true. It's crappy material, it's sewn poorly, and it doesn't fit worth a damn. I tried to fit it into my 67 1600, and it was lumpy, bumpy, and cut all wrong. You really, truly get what you pay for. You earned that miserable carpet set, every crappy thread of it.I'm not a nasty,swearing person in reality, but a cum guzzler like yourself will bring out the worst in mesave your shit stinking breath"

    I'm guessing you have a loyal customer base.?

    I always think it's funny when these big fat asses run their mouth thinking it will never come back at them. Though at least he admits he's a douche bag.
    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

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    Yeah, this guy always seemed a bit off hey. Isn't his dad on this site?

    Too sexy for this forum.

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    * Thread closed, multiple member reports and personal flaming.*
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