"Black Box" for your bike or car.
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Thread: "Black Box" for your bike or car.

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    "Black Box" for your bike or car.

    Log off and ride.
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    Fairly recently, I asked an ICBC official about their views on seeing this sort of tech mandated in vehicles in order to eliminate 'the blame game' when it comes to accidents.

    Interestingly enough, they told me that right now ICBC has ZERO interest in the idea, and it'll probably never happen.
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    Would have been nice for the guy that ran the red light, clipped me, spun me into a tree, and totalled my car when I was 17. No witnesses, he was claiming $500k in soft tissue injuries (I think hoping for a quick $20k payout to make him go away).

    Thankfully my insurance company saw it as bogus claim, fought it, went to court and won. Took 5 years though, would have been nice to show the video and move on!

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    wow, all those scammers in surrey would be SCREWED

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    Great piece of equipment. The only reason ICBC would not be interested is that thsi would eliminate a ton of Adjusters and jobs. This would end many arguments about liability and save money. ICBC has no interest in your premiums, they only care about their jobs. Did i ever mention i hate ICBC??????

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    In modern cars throttle input, brake use and speed are monitored.
    In the event of a detected impact the last 5 or 10 seconds of information are stored in memory, which can be accessed later through a plug in.

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