Advice to new riders - When did you first crash - why?
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Thread: Advice to new riders - When did you first crash - why?

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    Advice to new riders - When did you first crash - why?

    I would like to start this therad in General as it will ge the most exposure for responses although the intended audience is the new riders.

    When did you first crash? Why....

    The information I am trying to convey is when in your riding career did you first crash, why.

    Example response would be

    Season/Year 2
    Reason : riding beyond current limits


    Season/Year 3

    Reason: Debris on road/travelling to fast for conditions

    Try to give an accurate representation of the reason

    I am not looking for detailed stories... just bullet points.

    I am trying to see if it is true that most crashes occur "after" your first season, and if it is mostly due to the fact most riders have confidence but not experience.

    I have seen a couple studies where it show year 2 and 3 to be the most likley crash years....

    Tip overs don't count as a crash.

    Thanks for your help.
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    technically, it was season 2, but still within the first year of riding. rookie mistake. went into a corner too fast and instead of trying to out-turn the corner, i tried to out-brake it... didn't work so well.

    wait, what am i talking about. i've never crashed

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    My first crash was season 26 and it was cause I was going really fast.
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    First crash season 10 or so. Reason: dragging knee on Duffy going in to Lillooet on one the hairpins. Diesel spill in corner. Low side, body slides 90 feet into concrete wall, break ankle. No damage to body otherwize (full leathers). Bike slides 190 feet into concrete wall, toast. But still got back on it and road it to the hospital, flat tire, bent rims, broken shifters, levers, smashed bodywork and all.

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    First crash was season 2. 40kmh lowside on my way to work 1 morning. Early spring in Ontario, lots of sand and gravel still on the road. Hit a huge patch of it and she went down.

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    Season one downhill wet grass.

    - cruiser. locked the rear, failed the turn. I parked behind the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schmii View Post
    Season one downhill wet grass.
    Dirt bike???

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    Season 2
    First rain ride of the season. Pulled over into a bus stop downtown and put on a rain jacket, pulled away and the rear jacknifed sideways on the oily road surface (heavily crowned road near granville and davie). Tossed me right over the bars when she snapped back with traction.
    Most amazing 20km/h highside ever.
    Bent my rear brake lever and lost a turn signal
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    Just one or two weeks out of PRS, made the mistake of applying front brake in a right turn and lowsided at 20-30km/h. Make sure you're at the correct speed/gear before entering the turn!
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    Year 2, low side on gravel in a low speed turn. Was wearing full leathers, no injuries. Lesson learned: if the road you are on had some gravel a way back, there's a chance there might be more gravel up ahead. Don't push it too hard.

    Year 3, went over the back of a wheelie, OOPS! Was wearing leather jacket but jeans this time. Got some road rash, and injured my ankle (though I was wearing my riding boots). Lesson learned: don't push your luck.

    Year 4, faster low side than the first one after hitting some oil in a turn. Narrowly missed getting hit by an oncoming truck. Was wearing full gear. Just injured my hand. Lesson learned: a patch of oil smaller than you can see when riding is all you need to go down. Choose when to push it and take it easy when there's a big truck coming towards you.

    I would say that my first and second crashes were definitely overconfidence. The third one, yes if I had been going more slowly I might have seen the oil, or might not have gone down if I hit it. But I wouldn't say it was overconfidence, more just not being aware that there was oil on the road. But I certainly didn't have any crashes due to over confidence in my first year, but then did after that (year 3 wheelie crash was more over confident than year 2 crash, if that helps).
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    Year 1 circa 1981 hit a patch of gravel in a corner and low-sided the bike.
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    season one

    Some car run the stop sign as i was turning right.

    action- i panic , hit the front brake while cornering.

    result - i fell on my ass ...

    lesson learn - DON"T PANIC !!!!!!!
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    season one: (of street riding) tones of dirt time before)

    tryed to catwalk under a truck!

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    Year 4, Overconfidence. Too fast for my skills into a decreasing radius corner on a road I didn't know. Slid the bike into the barrier, (which was good because on the other side was a lake!) picked it up and kept going.
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    Season 2 / Year 1,

    Event: Lowsided (~45km/hr, was merging) emergency braking for tandem dumptruck cutting a wide turn out of the left lane on Fraser Hwy into a construction site.

    Aftermath: Full gear, no scrapes, bruised ego.

    Lesson Learned: Give big trucks big room.

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