Hypermotard Owners?
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Thread: Hypermotard Owners?

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    Hypermotard Owners?

    hey doods!

    after a short hiatus and sportbike flirtation (oh... bye bye ZX10R ) i've rejoined... er... make that renewed my membership with the Dark Side in the form of a 2008 Ducati Hypermotard S!
    "I'm sorry Constable, but you must be mistaken..."
    LOL - i'm thoroughly enjoying it and it's great to get back to "boots out" cornering blasts! pics to follow soon...

    my quick question for any other HyMo owners out there is:
    - does anyone have a set of the standard ball-joint mirror mounts that are in the hand-guards? my Duck's previous owner moved them to the handlebars with a Ducati kit which, don't get me wrong... work great... but i'm kinda jonesing for the clean stock SuMo look with the original fold-out mirrors.

    note to Admins: if this should be moved to the Buy/Sell Forum under WTB... feel free to do so.

    anyhooo... if any other HyMo owners know of where i can track down these ball-joints please zoom me a PM or an e-mail... i've already tried John Valk, Ducati of Seattle, Skagit Powersports, RMS... and am just short of calling a machinist with the specs... lol.

    cheers and thanks for the read,
    zoom ya all later!

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