bike storage in LA or San Diego?
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Thread: bike storage in LA or San Diego?

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    bike storage in LA or San Diego?

    i'm planning on doing a mtn bike trip to peru sometime in october and had a crazy thought today. why not ship my mtn bike & gear to peru and take the new rc51 down the coast, then fly to peru from LA. i would need to find a place to store the bike for about 3 weeks before i would fly back to La and then ride back up the coast.

    anyone know of a place in socal that you would trust with the storage of your bike?
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    Sorry, my garage is full. Great idea, though.

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    Check with Tatoodles, he knows a place in San Fran anyway.
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    I have a few friends in LA, If you're serious about the idea, i can hook you up.
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