Anyone know details about the '01 ZX6R at BK...
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Thread: Anyone know details about the '01 ZX6R at BK...

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    Question Anyone know details about the '01 ZX6R at BK...

    First off, are threads like this ok? If not feel free to delete it Mods.

    If yes...I was at BK today looking at a '01 zx6r, and im wondering if it is a members or if anyone knows the history (apparently it has been dropped). Also, if I can't track down anyone for info on the bike, can anyone reccomend someone at BK to talk to? Any members work there, or know the sales manager? Im planning on picking it up this week if everything checks out. Any help appreciated! Thx

    PS. Its a stock SILVER 6r
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    Talk to Brian (owner) or Trevor. I've gone and shot the sh*t with these guys several times and I don't think they'll give you a line of bs just to make a sale. Honest guys.

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    I have no idea whose silver 6R it might be, but Trevor is the sales rep. and he won't bullshit you or run stories on you. He will tell you as it is.

    I don't work there, and have previously gotton into shit on BCSB for "defending", "promoting" Kawasaki or just being loyal....depends on how one sees it...but if you want any info on the ZX6R in general you can pm me, I have the shop service manual and personally own a 2001 ZX6R...

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    Right on Human.

    I've always got the straight goods at BK. I've always dealt with Trevor and he's always been straight up with me anyways.

    Is that the '01 with '02 fairings/tank? Yup, probably a story there, but may not be that bad. Cosmetics are the first to go even in the slightest mishap.

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    I bought my bike from Trevor at BK great guy to deal with. I was interested in the siver 6r as well the story I got was that the bike was dumped ICBC wrote it off. BK bought it as they had all the body parts to fix it as all the damage to it was totally cosmetic. Other than that I dont know much else But BK was great to deal with when we bought both of our bikes.

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    Talk with Trevor he sold me my bike and he helped me out with everything and he should be able to give you a write up on the bike like i got for mine. Tells you the damage where it was bla bla bla anyway good luck and hope it all workss out for you

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