Pricing on 2003 R6
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Thread: Pricing on 2003 R6

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    Pricing on 2003 R6

    Just wondering if anyone's gotten any quotes for a new 2003 R6?
    I went to a Yamaha dealer and saw a "SOLD" tag on a black one with flames... and was given a ballparkish price of around $12500OTD for Silver/Black... nothing concrete since I didn't commit to anything yet...

    This works out to about a $700 savings off list + $195Freight/PDI + $11.77 Enviro. Levy + 14.5% Government's Cut... no Doc. fee's either mind you

    Does this sound reasonable or would I be getting raped?
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    I wish.
    That sounds about fair. My 2001 R6 was $12300 OTD from Pacific Yamaha.
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    That sounds about right, if you are getting a discount on the black with flames, then you are doing pretty good, usually they don't discount new models at all..
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    I think that Red/Black 03 R6 is endo's bike. He had a 2003 R1 on order, but changed his mind when he re-test rode the R6 and R1. He's in Mexico for a week and pickin it up next week from Pac Yam, and takin it to my place goin for a rip
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    I don't want to tell you
    when i was out shopping for a bike , i wanted the silver/black 2003 R6 and i went to yamaha and they told me 13500 or somthing around that total with all those fee's
    hope that helps ya

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