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    Question New Rider Question

    Hey guys,
    I know that The FAQ answers many great questions and I'm really happy that a LOT of my questions have been answered, however I still can't decide one thing

    I still don't know what bike to start riding on,

    I have some experience riding an old 250cc Touring bike (It's my cousins), and I loved it, however once I test rode some bigger sport bikes (600cc) I decided that I would rather ride a sporty-ish bike.

    I know that the Ninja 250 is a great beginner bike, but my one concern is that I'm somewhat of a larger guy,

    I'm about 6'5-6'6 and I weigh about 240 lbs, so I think I'd probably need a bigger bike, but I'm not sure.
    How's the leg room on the Ninja for any bigger riders out there?

    And If I do end up buying the Ninja 250, which year would be reasonable? I'm thinking anything 02'+

    Thanks in advance!

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    .....and, since you are in TORONTO, you may find this forum more applicable:
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    im 6'2 and heavier than you and im on a 09 250. It's my first bike there is still lots to be learned from it. you will feel a bit cramped but you wont be doing 500+km's a day at the beginning anyways.

    I got my class 6 and finished my mst all on that bike and i passed without a hitch. Im self taught and had no formal training (its not a good thing mind you... i would have gone to school, but i cant afford it)

    The bike itself is awesome, yes u will start feeling the need for a 600 after about a season but to be honest its just your ego. YOU DONT NEED a 600 cuz i can guarantee you havent mastered the 250 after 1 season.

    The 250 with my fat ass on it can go 150km/h and still have some left over rpms (10-11k rpm, @ 6 gear, u still got another 2k before redline)

    It's fast enough, just not torquey enough and because of that, it makes it very safe to learn on. You wont get an outright rush from acceleration, but what you do gain is flickability around corners and light handling. Plus the seating position is great!

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    At that height and weight, you may want to consider a 400 cc dual sport or motard. Keep in mind that most new riders will upgrade reasonably quickly (i.e. within 1 - 2 years).

    Get comfortable with riding, then worry about which 'sportier' bike will suit you.

    Just my $0.02

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    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
    I always mix up Dustin and Chia now... pretty funny Dustin on the Avatar

    Haha, me too!

    edit: To stay on topic - yes Ninja 250 is a great starter bike, very forgiving and still a blast to ride. However, at your size/ might want to consider maybe a Ninja 500 or GS500? I'm 5'8", 135 lbs and the bike was pretty comfy for me. Try sitting on one to see if you feel comfortable.
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    If you can be slow with everything on a bike and be mature on the street, whether it be on a bike or a cage.. then get whatever bike you like. I started with a 649cc and it's just fine. Just remember.. slow = fast.

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