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    As I have mentioned before i am looking for a starter bike for my GF,. well i have found a decent 87 kawi ex500 ninja in pretty good over all shape for $2,000. The bike has 20,000km, and been regularily dealer maintained. It needs a few things ie battery, chain & sprockets and a few other odds n ends the only thing that worries me is the front forks. They are not leaking any oil, the dust seals seem good, and the function properly, but they creak/squeek a little bit when i was bouncing up and down on them.. this is my main concern because i know front forks can get expensive to rebuild,.. BMathews? or anyone else with some knowledge on this? Is this squeeking/creaking really bad.. its not really loud or constant but it does worry me a bit,.. could it be just low on forkoil perhaps?

    Any info would be GREATLY appreciated..
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    Either it's low in oil or possibly even it's gotten some water in it over the years or it's just been sitting for a while. The upper bushings and seals need a splash of oil now and then to stay lubed. Normally just riding and hitting bumps is enough to do this but if it sit's for a while then they can get a bit dry just from the stuff draining down.

    But 87 is quite old. If you go for it get back to me for a list of things that are certainly worth doing before you let your GF trust her backside to it.
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    Bmathews, thanks for the info,.. I am going to look at it again tonight, and il try splashing a bit of oil on the seals to loosen themup,.. is it a lot of work to change out for the forkoil? cause i imagine if it is low then rather than top it up, it should probably just be changed..

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