Snowboarding Saterday in Whistler
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Thread: Snowboarding Saterday in Whistler

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    Snowboarding Saterday in Whistler

    Anyone wanna come up to whistler on Friday night and board saterday? There is a bunch of us going up but i have to go up after 6 and i don't want to drive up myself. We are all craming in a cabin. About 6-10 guys and gals. We are gonna party that night have some drinks at the cabin. So if like to go to bed early, stay home. I have to be at work at 6 the next day so i will be leaving the Mountian at around 3:30. To stay at the cabin will cost around 20-30 dollars depending on how many people we get. And not sure how much a lift ticket is. But it is expencive.

    Anyways we do this every year and it is a blast.

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    Last chance anyone wanna come up? still a couple spots left.

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    Hey Daf, me and a couple friends are going up on Saturday. Give me a call and we can hook up. 604-612-0056

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