03 R6 Integrated Tail light Issue's....
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Thread: 03 R6 Integrated Tail light Issue's....

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    Question 03 R6 Integrated Tail light Issue's....

    Trying to get the bike I bought about a month ago onto the road again. The previous owner had removed the fender and installed blue turning signals (yes totally illegal) So I am in the process of removing this and installing an integrated tail light (still illegal) but besides the point. The wiring is pretty hacked up though and I am going to assume somebody knows more than I do about it, It looks like he has installed resistors and spliced a few wires and added a few I will include pictures. Just curious if anybody has done this mod before and where I might be able to pick up the parts or where to bring the bike? Is a car alarm place a good idea? I am not taking it to a bike shop though they told me it would cost $85 an hour to take apart the tail section when It took me 15 minuets. Any help appreciated

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    Quick answer

    If the wiring is a mess like you say...The quickest answer is test all the wires going to the tail light. Mark them with tape.

    Test the wires to the signals, mark them. snip snip.

    You will likely have to splice some wires, but if you know which they are its smooth sailing.

    Also, you 'may' want to just go for an LED flasher relay, its alot faster/ easier than explaining how and where and why to wire in a resistor or more.

    A bike shop will charge you hourly rate, but they will likely know what they are doing a hell of alot more than a car alarm spot - lessening the chance of damage/overcharging as they try to figure it out by trial and error.
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    ya dude, dont bother with all the resistor and crap, you dont need them. all you gotta know is what wires to hook up where(stop light, signals, tail light) and your done! or jsut bring it to my place and ill hook it up for you for a small fee.....beer sounds good

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