Brands of gasoline: Does it really matter?
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Thread: Brands of gasoline: Does it really matter?

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    Brands of gasoline: Does it really matter?

    i have a 09 ninja 250 and i usually just buy whatever gas is cheapest or the station that happens to be closest to me when i need a fillup.

    I heard some people saying that some stations have more sulfur, some have more rust additives, stabilizers, ethanol, etc. Ive asked some friends and some of them only buy shell, some only buy chevron.

    What stations do you go to and why? Does it really matter? I thought gas was just gas.

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    i only stay away from pumps that say diesel and anything less than rating of 89

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    I avoid small no-name gas stations, other than that they are all the same to me.

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    pfft. it don't matter.
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    its all the same. i even put premium into my 250 for a bit... made no difference whatsoever.

    that said, i almost always buy my gas from the shell. why? its 300m from my house... and... when i pull up, i swipe my visa. then before i have enough time to open my gastank, the pump is ready to go. i haven't found another gas station that doesn't make me wait 2 mins before filling up.

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    Prefer chevron myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin2 View Post
    I always put the minimum required at the closest gas station available.

    I do prefer Chevron because of their nose-friendly paper towels and numerous air hoses
    Don't all of BC stations meet your bike's requirement?

    Chevron still offers free air, while Esso on the other hand....

    Brands of gas? Brands of engine oil? What's the most newbie friendly litre bike? Wash, rinse and repeat...
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    my bike can only run properly without any ethanol at all so only chevron or shell preimum gas for me... google up and u will see how ethanol effects certain bikes.... Looks like itlian brand motorcycles dont like it...

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    How has this not been locked yet...
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    A certain buddy of mine works at the Chevron refinery and refuses to put Chevron gas in his car... Something about ethanol content in it.
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    Personally I fill up with what ever goes bang and makes my pistons go up and down.

    However for those that actually think it matters.....

    In '95 the EPA set out standards for gas companies additive pacages to reduce engine deposits... reduce deposits, cars pollute less. Added bonus of cleaner injectors and valves means less maintenance.

    Some oil companies have skirted around this by adding cheaper additive packages that will pass the EPA standard but are not much else benificial to the consumer.

    BMW, GM, Honda, Toyota, VW, and Audi have set a new standard 'Top Teir Gasoline' for gas additive pacages that exceed the EPA and actually help reduce deposits.
    Here are the list of gas companies that meet "Top Teir" requirements.

    Trust me on this, though... you will earn a reputation with your riding buddies as a "princess" if you are out of gas and have to ride 20km to the nearest "Top Teir" provider instead of filling up at the local corner gas station your riding group is currently parked at.

    Now that you know the scoop, listen to Jaybo's advice "Pfffttt, it doesn't matter"

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    Chevron 94 octane says on the pump, "contains no ethanol", where as the other grades say "may contain up to 10% ethanol". I hate the idea of using ethanol blended fuel, so I only use 94 in my bike and my car. (both of which require premium grade fuel anyways, although not 94 octane). Corn and grains should be grown to feed people, not fill fuel tanks.

    Also, Chevron is certified "top tier" gasoline by GM, Honda, BMW, and Toyota. The techron additive they are using is supposed to keep your engine clean. Other brands of gasoline have similar claims, but Chevron has actually been certified as such by those automakers.

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    Shell, Chevron, Esso and Petro-Canada all are in the 'Top Tier' group. Chevron's Techron is only better for your engine because they spend more than the others on marketing. Regular and mid-grade have been mandated to contain "up to" 10% Ethanol. Claims of detrimental effects to modern engines are pretty overexaggerated, but it has caused issues in marine applications and weird composite fuel tanks. I hate the stuff personally, as it doesn't have the same combustable energy as petroleum and therefore results in less power and fuel economy, and its kind of disgusting that we're essentially burning food while the majority of the world's population goes hungry.

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    I don't use anything higher than recommended (87) because I feel like I'm losing HP due to less ignitions occurring in my engine!!

    And no.. don't care about brand of fuel..
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    I always fill up at PetroCan... but that's cuz that's where I work which means it's extraordinarily convenient and I know the managers at 10 stations in the valley and most of the staff :P
    gas is gas. what's different between the brands is the additives they put in (Techron for Chevron, Tactrol for Petro, etc). I have no idea what's the best. Nor do I care really :P
    my 125 likes 87 octane. I tried petro's 94 for a couple tanks and just could not get up to speed on the #1. it was dismal.
    Petro doesn't have 94 anymore btw, at any of their stations.

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