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    Infraction for Sewman: Inappropriate content posted

    Post: TL 1000 vs SV NWS
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    Original Post: [quote]Riders of bikes with the TL engine seems to develop a cult like loyalty so I'm not surprised to hear a few people chime in. I frikkin love the TL engine - recently I just installed a Power Commander after a couple years without one. I liked the grunt before but I really had no idea just how much low end torque this thing was capable of when correctly tuned with the right map.

    Speaking to the point of maintenance cost: I've got 38,000 km's on my beast and oil/fitler changes and rear tires are the main steady costs. The valve adjustments can be a more expensive because you have to content with two valve covers but those don't happen very often. My point is that in spite of the high amount of km's, this bike hasn't broken the bank in terms of maintenance.

    There are some good examples of SV1000's without the fairings. Are they just sold in the states? Geared lower and riding position is more upright with higher handlebars. They look awesome.

    I couldn't find a picture of one but here's the best looking Nude SV1000 that a quick google came up with.
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