Insurance in parks? Registration?
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Thread: Insurance in parks? Registration?

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    Insurance in parks? Registration?

    So a buddy of mine was out by Chipmunk (or so he says) and was asked if he had insurance on his dirt bike by a warden. He didn't but was allowed to ride anyway. An other camper with a dirt bike told my buddy about some insurance he had that covered him for one million liability.

    Any of you lot know what this is all about? I knew that the Government was looking at a registration program but heard it was still in the works. Last thing I want is to cop a fine and wreck a good day in the dirt.....
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    My neighbour has a few ATVs and tells me that you need a minimum amount of liability insurance to operate an ATV on a forest service road. I'd imagine the same would be true of dirt bikes?
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    My what?
    These guys are good.

    If you ride on any government land / forest service roads, you need a minimum of one million liability. This goes for dirt bikes, quads, snow mobiles etc.
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    check out it has all the info you are asking about, you will need a platinum pass! it gives 1mil liability
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    i know in ontario we needed liability to ride on crown land but MX parks/tracks or private property you dont.

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    You need a license and insurance to ride on any public land. Class 5 for ATV, 6 for 2 wheeler, and I think it is $200,000 liability. There is also speed limits - 80km/h I believe.

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