The Story:
I love this car and I am very sad to part with it but push has come to shove and I need the cash. I am moving to Germany and I have to sell. The car is currently insured so if you would like to take it for a spin or take it to a mechanic that's fine with me (Please bring ID as well as a piece of mail). I am a very honest person I don't intend to lie about the car in any form if you have any questions let me know and I will do my best

$3400 OBO


The Car:
Black 1987 Scirocco 16v with leather seats. The body has approximately 280,xxx KMs and the engine has approximately 60,xxx KMs since its rebuild. The VIN: WVWCB0538HK020667. The car flew threw aircare!

2.0L 16v from a 1992 Passat. The engine has been ported and polished, it is running a Schrick cam (I am not sure which model), and Garret GIAC X Chip. The previous owner paid a specialist from the US to come up and do a complete motronic swap as well. This car fires every time and once it has warmed up idles smooth and is very quick.

Brand new rebuilt transmission still under warranty from Bert's automotive. Sachs stage two clutch and new shift linkage.

Wheels and Brakes
16" Enkei Rims wrapped with Yokohama Avid H4S tyres. The rims have a few scuff marks from a driving lesson with an ex but all in all in good condition. The front brakes are 11.1 rotors from a G60 and the rear brakes are the stock 10.1. The proportioning valve as been adjusted to compensate for the two different rotor sizes so there is no premature lock-up.

Passat suspension table with H&R racing springs. Two undercarriage neuspeed anti-roll bars as well as the stock engine bay anti-sway bar.

New Parts
-New front axles
-New cv joints
-New ball joints
-New wheel bearings
-New Starter
-Aftermarket 14" Rad Fan
-Recent oil change
-Recent coolant flush

-A Pair of 10.1 rotors and callipers
-Spare gas tank that has been cleaned and has been sprayed with a primary undercoat
-Spare ECU
-Spare Thermostat
-4 steel rims wrapped with all weather tyres

-Shifting into first requires splitting reverse and first gear. I have tried to re-align it because i just replaced the shift linkage but I am having a hard time.
-The sunroof opens with assistance but does not tilt
-Passenger seat is bolted down and doesn't move
-The exhaust down pipe cracked where it meets the high flow exhaust and has been reattached but should be replaced
-There is a cd player but the face plate was stolen out of the car so no music
-I re-wired the rear wiper to run on a switch below the dash, it stopped working a few months ago and I haven't had a chance to address the issue