Guage Ghost!?! 05-gixxer 750
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Thread: Guage Ghost!?! 05-gixxer 750

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    Guage Ghost!?! 05-gixxer 750

    So i thought i resolved this issue...yet the lurking bastard showed up again.

    My guage only ernergizes the Neutral light, and my Headlight does not go on.
    When i turn the key to 'on', the guage does not even flicker. The fuel pump kicks on, and the bike will start and run absolutely perfectly. Just no Guage/speedo/rpm etc, and NO headlight or front indicators!

    Now, when i turn the key back to 'off', then all of a sudden my rpm needle does the usual 'start up' bounce (rom guage is not digital). This has never happend before on any of my bikes. I cant find a bloody short anywhere (i hate electrical so im in no way even an novice when it comes to this stuff) and I checked the cable runs, the main connector up front, all fuses...

    There was one burnt looking pin the main connector, but i cleaned it, and electric greased it. Is there any way to check if that one pin is the culprit?

    It seems weird that the neutral light works properly, my tail lights and rear blinkers work, just nothing up front... I thought it would be the ignition switch...where the hell is that?

    Anyone lend a hand, advice, or point me to a good shop that will has experience with electrical problems?

    If you can help, i got cold drinks as compensation.
    Thanks~ Chase
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    Take the upper off and undo all the coneection under the gauges and clean it sounds like to me that there is a bad connection. There will be a large plug and a few other ones that come from the Fuse block check all of those as well.
    That is what I would do. my 2c

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