Gas station bike bump
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Thread: Gas station bike bump

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    Gas station bike bump

    Some douche just bumped into my bike when I was filling up at a gas station!!

    I was parked and getting my wallet out when a trashed up white accord (1997?) blasting music pulled up about 1 foot beside me. I guess he thought the pump was unoccupied. I guess when he saw me, he was trying to be 'cool' for his friends and backed up really quick, then pulled up behind me really tight, misjudged, and bumped my bike.

    Good thing my bike didn't fall.

    What an ass!!

    A dude saw it, and offered to be a witness. Good to him. Bike should be fine though.

    More 'gangster' wannabes at night huh?

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    you should have said "hey no hard feelings, here, let me pump your gas for you" and then given his tank the CHIA
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    CHIA will take place next to such celebrities as Wenzel and Smokeshow
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    My what?
    Is chia now a verb? It could be like harpsing a bike?
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