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    aftermarket clock

    hey all .. i am on the hunt for a small digital waterproof clock that i can mount to my bike, anyone know wehre i can get one ?

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    You can always buy a cheap waterproof timex, take the straps off and velcro it to your bike.
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    Crappy tire, $5. When I was buying them they would last about one season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead View Post
    You can always buy a cheap waterproof timex, take the straps off and velcro it to your bike.

    Exactly what I have done for quite a while now.

    Cheapo waterproof Timex analog whiteface indiglo I got at Sears one day a few years back on sale, for something like $20.00

    Industrial velcro on the back, and mounting surface on bike where I want.

    Most of the time I just leave it on the bike, but if I'm in a sketchy spot or left for longer period, I just take it with me (I kinda feel like a Borg removing components from a fellow expired drone)

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    I do the same thing with a small ladies watch from Zellers or Wall mart. Get one with glow in the dark arms.
    I go one more step and grind off the strap mounts so it looks like it belongs on the bike and use black nail polish to provide some rust protection.
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