Rearsets: another great reason to have a set
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Thread: Rearsets: another great reason to have a set

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    Rearsets: another great reason to have a set

    As some of you may know I had a fun day Wednesday last at Mission, Track Daze!
    Including a lowside into turn 4 at approx 110kmh. Yes, everything is okay, no major damage to either myself or my bike. I actually got hurt more fixing the minor damage when I banged my thumb with a wrench than I did sliding!
    So, why do you want rearsets? How about this for a great reason? They will save you money. Big time money savings.
    My bike slid maybe 5 feet on the pavement before it hit the grass (thankfully!) and the majority of the damage was absorbed by the frame slider and the rearsets.
    If I still had the stock shifter and stock peg on, the peg would have folded up and allowed major scrapage all over the bike. The shift lever would have been destroyed also, no doublts about that.
    The rearsets though, because the peg is solid and does not flex, kept the bike higher off the pavement and eliminated most of the damage. The footpeg is now about 1/2" shorter than before, but it is replaceable for cheap. Even with that, the rearset shift lever and toe shifter were both bent, but I managed to bend them back enough to get back on the track for the next round!
    Now, for cost? A replacement lever and toe shifter part? $35 including taxes.
    Stock parts? Would be in the $300 range. And that's not even counting what additional damage would have been caused by the folding peg.
    I have already replaced both parts, courtesy of Blair at SVRacing ( who is a regular attendee at Mission. Thanks Blair!
    Bottom line? Get rearsets.
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    Big +1 to this. I had a similar incident a few years ago in Seattle. The lower fairing just barely touched down but the slider and rearset kept the swingarm, bars, front axle, etc from ANY damage whatsoever. For coming off at about 80km/h the damage to my bike was almost nil.

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    I got rid of my sliders here. If they dig in and hit the kitty litter it's almost a write-off. 2G's later I fixed the plastics, front stay, rear subframe, sliders and other shit. Had another fall off without sliders and simply replaced shifter and one hour of fiberglassing. Different at mission where it's just cement and 50 miles an hour.

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