What did you do to your bikes today?
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Thread: What did you do to your bikes today?

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    What did you do to your bikes today?

    Another site I spend some time at has a thread like this and I thought it might be nice to see what the members are working on. This thread is opened to all types of bike be they dirt, vintage, chopper, etc.....

    I'll start off with......... I spent a few hours cleaning the shed and bikes today. Below is a picture of the pig pen. Funny how things get out of hand.

    Now that they are all clean I will be getting my hand dirty with a few tweaks in the morning. Have the day off Monday so what better way to stay busy.......
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    hard in the mac
    gave it a much needed wash, even cleaned the wheels.
    Cleaned and lubed the chain for the first time in.... 5K km... lol.
    Turns out it is brassy/gold in colour, and not black.
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    Oil+filter changed.
    Lubed the chain.
    Washed and waxed the bike.

    Anyone know where to get those well nuts for the fairings? Rona and CT didn't have any... well the guy at CT had no idea what it was... I'm now missing a plastic push pin rivet and those well nuts won't last another fairing removal. OEM parts will probably cost me an arm and leg I read a well nut cost $9...
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    I glanced at it briefly, and then I mowed the lawn. Poor girl is so neglected.
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    sat trying to figure out why she is not working right, will be doing the same tomorrow as well. Love the bike when it runs, despise it when it goes down.

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    Well, I didn't do anything in particular, but on Saturday, I took the Bandit to 5th Gear to have some new Pirelli Diablos installed!

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    You'll love the Pirellis, Bob. I really like mine.

    My bike has mostly gathered dust, on top of road grime. But it had the full tilt RMR treatment last month, so she's happy.

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    I know this is all about today but.

    Yesterday i decided to change the oil. (and use different grades) It ran very well, i love it.
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    mine got loaded in the trailer and will see Rod at RMR Suspensions this afternoon, then it's home to be stripped down. Swingarm gets rewelded, forks and shocks get revalved, new brake pads, fresh oil, all the basic maintenance then it's off to Edmonton for more abuse.
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    I left mine sitting in the garage and took the bicycle to work today.

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    I just had a four day trip through BC, Alberta, Montana, and Idaho.
    On the way up to Eureka, I trusted my GPS to take me to Libby. It led me from paved country road to single track country road, to gravel track, muddy track then barely single track which culminated in a clearing with two options. A very narrow track between undergrowth or a steep muddy incline through the forest with a sign “TRACK NOT MAINTAINED FOR PUBLIC USE”. I was about 20km from the highway with a fully loaded ST on a track that would have been a joy on my DR, but a bloody nightmare under these circumstances.
    So what am I doing?
    Cleaning all the mud and sh*t of the old girl!
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    ordered some filters, oil and junk for an upcoming service. Going to toss some dot 5.1 on the shelf for comparison to dot 4 at the season's end. Nice pic.
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    Took mine for a poseur moka and some much needed snubbing of the hippies..

    If my Italian bike doesn't get to openly mock hippies once a week she gets a sad!!!

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    I adjusted the cover, sighed and hoped the next couple of months will go by quickly...
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    Going down to garage to remove winter windscreen and try shorty tonight, I know, lame.
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