Former GP champion calls for ban of TT
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Thread: Former GP champion calls for ban of TT

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    Former GP champion calls for ban of TT

    I already spouted off on this on Facebook, but I wish Wayne Gardner would stick to what he likes and let other racers do what they want to do:

    Also, it was laughable that he thought the prize money is what draws most riders to race the Mountain Course. If that's what he thinks, he clearly doesn't understand what makes the Isle of Man TT so unique, special and important to so many of us.
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    Looks like old Wayne misses being in he spotlight, and needs some attention.....sad.
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    Whatever. I`ve always thought Dunlop was always cooler than Gardner anyway.
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    This perfectly illustrates one of the chief problems of our age;
    The 'nerfing' of society at the hands of those whom such matters do not concern... it need only offend fragile sensibilities, and they set out to complain their way to change

    It's simple. When no one is left who WANTS to run in the TT: end the TT.
    not before.
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    As a staunch TT fan and visitor for 27 years, I've heard this many times before.
    Ultimately I think it'll be the IOM residents that will kill off the event.
    The island does not rely on tourism for revenue, rather, commerce and banking. So many newcomers to the island have been bleating about the disruption the races cause in terms of road closures etc. Dawn practices are a thing of the past partly for this reason.
    It's true that the riders race the course for personal reasons other than money (they all say they love it), but these mamby pamby residents will get their way in the end.
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    I like DNA's point about the nerfing of society, someone needs to point out to Wayne that others would "nerf" motorcycle racing, and probably motorcycle rinding itself, out of existance, given the chance. He shouldn't be giving them precedent.

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    In alot of ways TT is much more of a race than MotoGP will ever be. I hope it never ends.

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    I love watching it. You can't race that fast on a track and they do it on the street. As a side note are there televised events for the Macau race?

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    I just wish that Cape Breton could have pulled it off a few years back.
    That would have given us a TT on the western world.
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    Last time I checked, the Isle of Man was considered part of the western world ........ I`m just sayin.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sofo View Post
    With deserved respect for Gardner, this really sticks out for me (fta):

    One can read a few things into this with regards to his motivation for what he's saying but with regards to nobody remembering / knowing the course that McGuinness guy seems to be doing pretty well and if you watch the commentary video of Guy Martin's lap from '07 he seems to know the course better than most men know their wives' curves.
    That is only if you understood what Guy Martin was saying.

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