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    Selling The Duc... and here's why... scroll down...

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    after much deliberation and a considerable amount of humming and hawing... i've decided to sell my 1994 Ducati 900SS. my apologies to the mods for plugging it here in the General Forum but i am in a MUST SELL situation with my Ducati... for reasons i will make clearer in a future thread and announcement. (oops... sorry for the suspense... ).
    so thanks again everyone - and please do check it out in the Bike Buy & Sell Forum.



    edit: I added a link to your thread in the B&S forum -chris
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    A new Duc on the horizon Jose?
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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    Come to the twin side john. Flog that 'busa and get a twin!
    The difference between you and me .........

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    As a past owner of this bike I will attest to how nice it is. If you can live without the full fariing or, as Jose and I felt, that the half fariing does more to show off the engine then this is a good opportunity to buy this type of bike.

    Hell, I'd buy it back if it wasn't for a garage full of other bikes just now and looking at a semi serious track bill for the summer.

    This more than even my 9R's had me reaching for my helmet just because I wanted to more than any bike I've had in the past.
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    Originally posted by Sikorsky
    Come to the twin side john. Flog that 'busa and get a twin!
    Hey Sikorsky!I have a twin ,Its in my garage,I use it to fill my tires and run my impact tools.

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    hey Chris,
    THANKS for adding the link to the Buy & Sell Forum! Much appreciated!

    ...and so to reward everyone's patience (haha)...
    ...and again my apologies for the SUSPENSE...

    the reason for selling Duck is...

    i've accepted a 6 month contract position to work for Deeley Harley Davidson Canada's Buell Division as a lead rider for their 2003 Demo Program. as a member of the Buell Demo Team, i'll be touring across Canada from April to October working as a ride captain and promoting the Firebolt (XB9R, XB9S), and Blast 2003 models at dealerships and Canadian Track and Racing Events for the 2003 season. you can follow the Buell Team's progress and scheduled rides across the country at this link:
    Thanks BCSB ...and it's been a pleasure meeting a LOT of very cool riders... LOL... many of which i've met and known through my experiences as an instructor and Chief with the BC Safety Council's Motorcycle Program. i'm hoping to get a ride in with some of you guys before i depart for Ontario in April...
    so CHEERS to all...
    my sincere thanks for all the support...
    ...and let the adventure begin!

    aka... Z-Rex 12

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    can i come

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