Kinda hairy... suspension setup problem?
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Thread: Kinda hairy... suspension setup problem?

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    Question Kinda hairy... suspension setup problem?

    While I was on the way to Richmond from New West, as I approach the Queensborough Bridge from the Stewardson Way on ramp, I came across a bump or a couple bumps just before the circle is finished (it was dark so I can't tell what it was). I felt both my front and rear tire bounced and sort of lost traction (while I was still leaning right) and thank God it immediately picked up traction again.

    I am not really sure if the bike did lost traction but felt like the bike was "squirrelly". I didn't break and kept the speed constant as I were afraid any sudden changes might cause the bike to become more unstable (and I had to continue on to finished the circle/on ramp). I was on 2nd gear and about 5k RPM during the whole on ramp.

    I do notice that my bike's suspension is kinda soft when I sit on it, especially when I break or slow down I felt the front just sunk. The previous owner is about 115 pounds and I am 220 pounds. Have not change the setting on preload, compression, and rebound since I got the bike. Both tires are new with 230kms on it.

    Any insights would be appreciated.

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    That's a fair difference between the weight of the original owner and to yourself. Time to bring her to EMS and have her suspension set up to your riding style and weight. They might have to change the springs cause if the bike feels way to squishy just sitting down then it's not set to your weight.

    A very easy way to see if your suspension is to soft is by taking a very small zap strap and wrapping it around the stantion tube(not over tight but enough to hold it's position so it slides up and down) and moving it up to the top where the fork seal is, sit on the bike without moving it forward or back and do not compress the fork by pushing down on the handle bars, depending on what it says in the manual for a Honda F4i you shouldn't be using more than 1/4 of the bikes travel unless you are set up for more softer ride on the road.

    Just sounds like the tires of your bike got kinda loose but with proper set up this will be lowered drastically but not to say it won't still happen. Scanning the ground/ surface a head and using body position and speed set up can help drastically. It's rare that a bump would cause you to fall unless you had her pinned over hard and hit something large that the bike lifts/ kicks upwards off the ground.(Like maybe a piece of 2x4 or a phone book.)

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