How much did you buy your Shell Rotella T synthetic diesel 5w40 for?
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Thread: How much did you buy your Shell Rotella T synthetic diesel 5w40 for?

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    How much did you buy your Shell Rotella T synthetic diesel 5w40 for?

    canadian tire sells them for $30/gal
    went to shucks in bellingham and they were about $25
    Seen ppl on on forums that bought it for $10/gal

    Where did you buy your rotella and where did you get it?
    i went to like 20 automotive places in canada and bellingham and only found the synthetic 5w40 at can tire and shucks in bellingham. the 15w40 seems to be very common though. Went to a couple walmarts in bc and bellingham but they didnt carry them

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    I can save some valley residents a trip to the Canadian Tire ... Mission, Chilliwack, and Abby stores do not stock Rottella-T 5w-40w synth unless they started doing so in the past couple weeks.

    I've been trying to source it out here in the Valley for about a year. No luck so far.

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    here's the rebate you were asking about for $10 bottles.

    Problem is you need to buy and submit the rebate from the states.

    I have seen the 5w40 blue from Canadian tire in Langley at the beginning of the year.
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    There's really only 2 places to shop IMO....Canadian Tire in Canada or Walmart in the US, simple.

    Nobody has ever sold it for $10/gallon.....3 years ago, it was $15.99US at Walmart, the cheapest I have ever seen it.
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    none :(
    I recently purchased a 9.5L jug of Rotella T (not synthetic) for $29.95. This was at Walmart on 88th Ave. IIRC they also had synthetic and they also carried 5 gallon pails.

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    Just changed my oil yesterday, always use Shell Rotella® T6 Full Synthetic oil, got it at crappy tire for 30 bucks in Kamloops 5-40

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