**I do not know if this is a second re-post or not, My first one did not go through if it is a second post sorry for that.*


I just wanted to know if I am correct in thinking that i have a rectifier problem for my 08 gsxr 600.
This is the problem and what i did so far to trouble shoot the problem, if i am wrong anywhere please correct me.

I was riding for about an hour then the a red light went on my gauge and then an error code SD came on. I therefore pulled over and turned off the bike and then tried turning it on but it wouldn't turn on but there was that clicky sound so i pushed started it.

It happened about 2 more time and the other time i jumped start it.

So My being not to smart at all and cheap knowing i may need a new battery and listening to my friend suggestion i put in a 12 volt 6 amp SCOOTER BATTERY..... and inevitably it died again and im sure this is when i shot my rectifier... cuz the other battery i had before was just bad due to poor storage.

I therefore went to a suzuki dealer and had them check out those error code and they told me those code indicated that some of the electrical system in my bike rested due to the battery running low and he told me i should get a proper new battery and then if my bike pursue to shut off he would trouble shoot it properly.

So i did and the bike died again with a brand new battery bought from a bike shopped which was prepared properly.

So he trouble shooted and told me i had a good stator when he did a cold engine no load test on my stator and it measured peaking at 83 volt at 5000/rpm.

Therefore he told me i needed a new rectifier because My bike is completely stock 08 gsxr 600 with no electrical mod or anything so therefore it should have no grounding problem.

So i went home with the bike and looked for a rectifier and just ordered a new oem one on july 10.

But on july 9 a couple day after i did the trouble shooting at a suzuki dealer i redid the trouble shooting again and my stator was measuring peaking at 83 volt and i also did a resistance test and it was measuring at 0.5 OHM which was within the service manual trouble shooting guide between 0.2-1.0 and my volt was good because the manual said above 65V.

When i did the Rectifier test the other day my bike with no high beam idle at 12.5 v and struggled to make it up to 13.3 and did not manage to even reach a 14 - 15v the recommended voltage point.

So therefore i concluded I need a new rectifier I hope... can anyone tell me if i am wrong other wise? Because i should not have a grounding problem (my bike 100% stock), my stator is measuring at 83v and 0.5 OHM, and my rectifier does not pass the volt test ALSO i even bought a new battery and it kept getting drained.

I am hoping once i get this new rectifier it SHOULD stop this electrical problem i been having because my bike right now is just sitting at home because i am worried if i keep riding it with a bad rectifier it will mess up my stator....

ALSO when i looked at the stator coil when doing the test the coil looked fine and not burnt at all but my rectifier wire did seem a little black.

A question I have is when i put in the new battery at the suzuki dealer I had them put it in for me and do another volt test on my rectifier and it passed, however the minute i Rode the bike form Vancouver to surrey(where i live) the bike died on me so i did another rectifier test the next day when i charged the battery again but it failed.

So why did the rectifier pass the test when the battery was first installed peaking at 14.1v at the shop but after i got it home and died and barley made it to 13.3v?

Thank for reading and helping. and i am hoping you guys agree that i have a rectifier problem and am on the right track to fixing the electrical problem..

(the rectifier is coming in on Wednesday july 14 I will install it and have a fully charge battery and redo the volt test to keep you guys updated)

(sorry for some grammar error)