Securing gear at Laguna.
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Thread: Securing gear at Laguna.

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    Securing gear at Laguna.

    As this is my first year attending the MotoGP race at Laguna, I wonder what people have done regarding their tent / gear while at the track. Are you securing your gear / clothes somehow?

    Any other advise regarding my stay at the track would be appreciated.
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    I lock all valuables in my truck.
    I haven't heard of anyone raiding campsites.
    Our camping gear and booze/food has never gone missing while at the track in the past 5 years.
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    Shovelhead has some pretty good experience with Laguna and camping.

    I expect, ultimately, there's simply going to be some trust involved, it's no different than any other camping have to leave the site, and rely on the honor system.

    When I go traditional camping, and think of the BBQ's, lanterns, stoves, coolers, chairs, and assorted farkles, there's a lot of money left there...I'm never concerned, and have never had an issue.

    Meet your camping neighbors, offer a beer, everyone will watch out for one another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    Meet your camping neighbors, offer a beer, everyone will watch out for one another.
    This is exactly what I did for the two years I went down. Both times I had the option to lock my stuff in someone's car or camper. I never felt weird about leaving my stuff there. It is a good atmosphere. On the second year I was there I saw the same people again. You will also find yourself with new riding buddies for the way home! You're going to have a great time.

    I would also recommend to leave some of your camping stuff at home and buying some stuff at the Target in Watsonville. Less weight on the bike!

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