Work train in action, Pretty impressive automation
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Thread: Work train in action, Pretty impressive automation

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    Work train in action, Pretty impressive automation

    Pretty impressive automation

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    Very cool!
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    Haha, that's pretty neat.

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    none :(
    You can clearly see @ 2:25 that they use silly putty to hold the tracks together.

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    pretty cool stuff. i've seen in on the discovery channel.

    unfortunately, this technology will never make its way into canada.

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    Human ingenuity! It truly amazes me how someone can create machines like these. The thought process and engineering that went into designing and building them is a simple mind like mine.
    There is the beauty of the construction of the machine and then the ugliness of what the machine can do to the earth in a very short period.
    Without the railroad the country wouldn't have been opened and with it we create a ton of environmental issues.
    Very interesting Claude.

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    Pretty impressive automation

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    That was wild, amazing machines!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Einstein View Post
    It truly amazes me how someone can create machines like these. The thought process and engineering that went into designing and building them is remarkable...
    I know what you mean, but even the most complicated machines are made of of many simple parts. Once they come together and work in symphony, then the magic appears.

    I marvel at electronics and computer science.
    I know in principle how a shiny 120mm disc can be used to store moving colour images that can be viewed an a special machine at will. But it's still mind boggling!

    The company I work for designs essentially people moving machines, and we work in partnership with another local company that provide all the controls. We have a very strong mutual respect for each others disciplines and frequently marvel at each others accomplishments.
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    You really have to see the documentary on the Hamburg Port automation to wrap your mind around the scale of what's involved...

    As per the documentary, the only human component is operator of the crane that does the loading/unloading, everything else is fully automated - humans are not even allowed in the complex without special permission.

    Here's an interesting time-lapse video:
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