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    Motorcycle Training Wheels

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    Good stuff. I'm sure this will be useful for many people.

    Damn horrible audio though...
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    I was fully prepared to scoff, but it looks like quite a good product.
    That handlebar switch is a little crude looking, though.
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    Similar to my setup, except that it appears a bit more complex. I used a power selection switch from a K7/8 to control the outriggers - you can see it in this picture, and a simple two button switch to control shifting:

    These kinds of setups are great for people with disabilities. Something like a below knee amputation can really slow you down.

    It's nice to see folks working on adaptive equipment - I could not have ever imagined getting back on a bike before these inventions.

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    a guy from our head office happened by our plant; turns out that although he's in a chair he still rides, as he has a similar setup on his GSXR-1100.
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