VPD motorbikes on 41st&cambie
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Thread: VPD motorbikes on 41st&cambie

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    VPD motorbikes on 41st&cambie

    two days in a row now... saw 2 VPD motorbikes pulling people over 3 at a time!! not sure what for but they were there tuesday around 5pm and saw them again today (same time)!

    anybody else know why they are pulling ppl over?

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    Most likely noise check and if people have their class 6.
    I have yet to be pulled over to get checked for my class 6 though I'm thinking it's because I ride a 250.
    I even passed by a cop who pulled over another biker and as I passed he looked at me ride by and gave my bike a hard long stare then kinda gave this shrug
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