Times are so tough at GM....
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Thread: Times are so tough at GM....

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    none :(

    Times are so tough at GM....

    that you have the option of building your ZR1 or Z06's engine yourself...


    ...The Performance Build Center (PBC) option must be chosen when a customer orders a 2011 Z06 or ZR1, tacking on $5800 to the car’s purchase price. The price includes food, lodging, and local transportation, but customers must pay for travel to and from Detroit, Michigan...

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    Pretty cool idea IMO. If I had the dough for a new 'vette, I'd likely consider this.
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    I would love to do that. Imagine driving the car after you had done that: except it is not an old car. It is a brand new vehicle. Kind of cool.

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    Holy hell...if building an LS7 that takes me beyond 180 miles an hour is anywhere near as hard as hard as putting together my new Hello Kitty Blackberry case, I'll pass.

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    nice bike
    If I build it then I would let you drive it for first 100 miles, just to make sure I built it right.
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    If I had the dough for a new 'vette I wouldn't buy a new 'vette. There are a lot of far more interesting cars out there.

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    This sounds so much fun. Everything is shiny and new with no seized bolts. Just gotta remember to torque everything down =P

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