Rider Down? Denman and Georgia
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Thread: Rider Down? Denman and Georgia

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    Rider Down? Denman and Georgia

    Some friends were telling me that it was a nightmare getting out of Vancouver yesterday at around 16:30 yesterday. One of them said that the saw a mangled sportbike. Anyone hear anything about this?

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    From what I heard on the radio yesterday, the rider has life-threatening injuries, and the passenger is in critical condition.

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    I hope they pull through.
    Driving through downtown rush hour is always a nightmare.
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    Hope they will be ok
    So much work & so little time!!

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    I live dt... Saw the aftermath of the accident, was not good at all.

    Late model silver Benz with the passenger side doors (yes front and rear) windows broken and more impact damage than a driving range ball collector, LAYING ON TOP of a 250 or 450 red and white moto.

    Motos front wheel destroyed as the car clearly rolled over it.

    Not going to call blame, all I know is that intersection is very dangerous as I've had quite a few close calls from cars running the light to make their LH turn onto the Stanley Park Causeway.

    Police cautioned off then entire area.

    Thoughts go out to the rider (and passenger if there was one)

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    My best wishes as well go out to the rider(and passenger?) Hope they"ll be OK. Ya know I think we really need a rider down/fallen rider section, this is getting to be too much. Whadda ya think Mods?
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    normally I wouldnt post details but a friend stopped by who said a co worker saw it happen. If it is a 450 Honda then the rider was riding down the right lane/shoulder at a high speed and the car driver made a right turn and the bike hit him. The front of the bike broke off, Dont really know the situation of the rider.

    Up to now this has been one of the better seasons for riders getting in crashes. Lets keep safe guys.

    By now you have a few good weeks under your belts and the riding rust is comming off and your starting to feel like your riding skills are alot better than say 2 - 3 months ago and your going to start taking a few more chances. Well listen to that little voice and dont!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sushi ya ha View Post
    Well listen to that little voice and dont!
    amen.. i'm a noob and i already been feeling that way a couple of times.. will keep in mind.

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