theres a practice at agassiz this sunday,open to anyone with enthusiast license or race license(avail at track).theres a family class as well for people that just wanna try it out and maybe get the kids out there.its a really slow class with no jumping. heres some info:

CMA “Race” License – $70 / Calendar Year.
CMA ”Enthusiast” license – $30 / year for the first family member or $16 per family member if someone else in the family already has a Race or Enthusiast license.
Enthusiast licenses can be upgraded to race licenses at any time
CMA Licenses are available at the track during events.

# CMA Enthusiast OR Race license is required. (No track memberships required)
# No gate fees
# Scheduled practice order based on skill level and bike size so that everyone can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.
# Sign-up opens @ 8:00
# First Practice starts @ 9:00
# Practice ends @ 3:00pm
# Practise fee is $30/rider(theres a family fee as well 60 for however family memebers ya have)
# Family Practise is scheduled and is free(iam not sure on the free part actually) for riders not ready for the pace run by the other classes. There will be no jumping or fast riding, as deemed by staff, permitted. A parent or any experienced +30 rider may accompany the “New” rider for the purpose of support and encouragement only – Guidelines may vary slightly at each track, ask before signing up.

if you need any info or dont understand pm class is great for the kids.come and check it out even if yer not riding.