Arai Quantum II problem - any experts out there ?
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Thread: Arai Quantum II problem - any experts out there ?

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    Arai Quantum II problem - any experts out there ?

    For the second time, I bought an Arai Quantum that started life with a problem in releasing the face shield. I bought the helmet in the States because I needed to have a mic and speakers installed. J&M sells the helmets and headsets and their price was decent so that's where I bought it. This is always the hazard in not buying locally, I know. I'm not expecting any local dealer support on the problem and I don't think it would even be fair to ask.

    When I push the shield all the way up, only one of the black plastic levers pops out. I can get a little tool in to pull out the other lever but it just sort of flops around. I'm reluctant to force anything for fear of breaking fragile plastic parts.

    If I could get the side covers off, I could likely get it sorted out. But, the manual says that to take the side covers off, I need to first remove the shield so I have a Catch 22 on that front.

    Any suggestions ?
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    My guess is that one side of the visor is not fully in.
    If not,
    Call arai and get a claim number,
    Send the helmet to Pennsylvania for free repair.
    Send it down to Laguna and the service pavilion will fix it for you
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    I would pull the visor off the good side, then try and get it out on the other side. I think I had the same problem too a long time ago and that's what I did. Then take off side pod and fix it.

    I find with Arai's you need to be assertive with removing and installing the visors. It's tough to know how much force to use with these buckets sometimes though.
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    I lubed the hinges with the conditioner that comes with it, otherwise the lever to release the faceshield doesn't click into place.

    There is also problem with the vents. It flaps even in the open position and makes clicking noise. It is even worse with the front ones when closed.

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    I used to have that problem with mine a few times and became more careful when changing the visor. You have to pop off the side cover to realign that tab part. It sounds scary when you snap the cover off but I have never broken it.

    I never had any problems with the vents though.

    I upgraded to the next Quantum model and have never experienced that problem again.

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    I've never had any problems with my quantum II. *knock on wood* But I also think your visor isn't clicked in properly. I had the same problem before putting the visor back on, and the first couple weeks, I just couldn't get the black plastic tab to come out and I had to revert to using a small flat head to lift it up and pulling on the visor hard. Never broke it before. I talked to a few Arai reps and they say their mechanism was built to withstand the abuse of pulling the visor out hard and forcing it in. Although, I feel that can only be done, if you know exactly how to line the visor up to be that forceful.

    Here's a couple vids to show how it looks for visor replacement

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    It's a goofy design, you really need to reef on it to go in and there's a horrific clacking sound of plastic on plastic that always makes me think I've broken it before it seats and the lever pops out.

    +1 on lubing the plastic bits lightly and making sure it's really seated. Otherwise I'd call these guys, they've been good to me in the past with Arai issues and spare parts:

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    Quote Originally Posted by David M View Post
    problem in releasing the face shield.
    When I push the shield all the way up, only one of the black plastic levers pops out.
    I need to first remove the shield so I have a Catch 22 on that front.
    It can be a little sticky at first. if you're able to get the shield off at a later time, then use the silicone lube that comes with the helmet. Usually the shield has some minor burrs on it where it contacts the mechanism under the side pods. If you're having to much trouble with it, then it would be a wise investment of some new pods in case these one's break.

    You can get them here

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    sounds like the visor is not properly in, give it a good wiggle and yank.

    I'm really really rough with removing and installing my visors (I go back and forth daily). Although it sounds horrific, these things are quite durable. I slap on my visor and crush the visor down to have it align in place, and removing i literally rip it off after i pull the tabs off. In your case, that one side is probably not aligned, u may be able to wiggle and force it out the visor without it.

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