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    Long weekend ride

    OK, not a ride report: just a quick cursory overview!

    When & where:
    • Left Saturday morning, met friends at the Farmhouse restaurant near Anacortes, over the Cascades, through Winthrop to Wenatchee & on to Leavenworth
    • Sunday: Leavenworth to Grand Coulee & up to Osoyoos.
    • Monday (today): Osyoos - home.
    Total of about 1,300 km.

    Three things that were different:
    • Used our Spot Satellite messenger fot creating a track for the first time ever. Pretty cool. We are getting on in years & our kids worry about us when we go off riding into the setting.... make that "rising" sun. Well worth the money & effort to my mind: great peace of mind for if something unspeakable were to happen out of cell phone range. Track of our trip here
    • I had some Pirelli Rosso Corsas put on last week: only mileage on them was between Bayside & home! My thoughts after this trip is that I actually prefer them to the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's I had on before. Less "twitchy": with the 2CT's the turn-in is so quick that I always had the sense of "falling" into a corner while with the Pirellis it feels more like "rollling" into a corner. Makes for more comfortable, stable general riding around while I am sure I am giving up some steering response. overall, I can live with that. Was not really able to get a sense of grip limits: Cascades traffic was a pain so I could never get up to a rhythm. Does not feel much worse (if at all) than the Michelins though. In spite of not having nice twisties (other than the "wasted" Cascades due to traffic), the rear tyre is now pretty much chicken strip free one side, smidgen left on the other. I give them a thumbs up.
    • Also our first ride with a new Scala Cardo G4 intercom. Our previous experience was with an IMC wired very basic set. On this one I have mixed feelings: sort of like the little girl withthe little curl: when it was good, it was very, very good but when it was bad it was horrid. Worked amazingly well for hours on end: no white noise when we were not speaking, picked up our voices immediately, excellent sound quality. But there were too many times when the noise cancelling and vox control seemed to "give up". Because of the good parts I am hopeful this is fixable with a new formware release, but at this stage I just do not consider it ready for "prime time".
    And BTW: on the way back, from Manning the road is a mess: they are sealing cracks, so you have sand/gravel/dust all over the show. No fun at all.

    Good, safe ride without a single eventful moment (self inflicted or fellow road user inflicted): best type of ride!

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    Did you stay in Leavenworth? If so, where did you stay? Heading there on Thursday... looking for a place to stay, walking distance to a pub or nice restaurant, moderate pricing and clean.

    Thanks for the road report - hoping that we're not going to get the traffic that you did.
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    Can I jump in and recommend the Enzian Inn?

    Or perhaps, just down the road, if'n you are into a boutiquish hotel/b&B, the warmsprings inn, just out towards Wenatchee, only 10 mins from Leavenworth.

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