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    outta storage

    Hello all.

    question for you mechanic types out there...

    i've been storing my bike in my garage over the winter and am about to take it back on the road. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what steps i should go thru to ensure my bike is back up to tip top shape after being stored during the winter.

    i must confess, i didn't do too much in storing my bike ('96 zx-6r). i just lifted the bike up up onto wooden blocks, drained most of the gas and turned it off and kept my battery recharging outta the bike.

    Are there any things people can suggest i do to prep my bike for this riding season ?

    Any help would be appreciative.

    Thanks !

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    change the oil (warming up the engine first is recommended)... not extra necessary but it was recommended to me and thought i'd pass it on. Then just do all the normal checks (electrical, tire pressure etc etc), and if you drained all your fuel then just refill and you should be good. If some clogged up your jets- check with someone else perhaps before you do this but you could get some fuel additive to clean them out. That's about it for me I think... See you on the road!

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    What JimiG said, only I would suggest to keep the gas tank full when you do store it and add fuel stabilizer. A full gas tank will keep any added moisture out of the tank which will keep the chance of rust happening really low.

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    It's like locking the barn door after the horse has got out but when you add the fuel stabilizer run the engine for a bit to run some through the carbs. It helps reduce/prevent varnish buildup. This year when I got my bike out of the shed I charged the battery, took out and cleaned the air filters, checked the fuel lines for damage, check/clean/replace the plugs, and started it. I let it run for a bit while I checked the tires, and drive belt, suspension and all electrics. Be sure to give her a nice wipe down with a soft cloth too. I also had to reset the idle jets.

    Most manuals have some advice to checking things. If you want a more detailed list, ask at a local shop. They may have something more extensive to help you.
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    excellent ! that's for your guys advise.

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