Where to stay in Tofino?
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Thread: Where to stay in Tofino?

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    Where to stay in Tofino?

    My co-worker is wanting to take a vacation in Tofino this summer on the beach.
    Can anyone recommend a nice place to stay? Way too many choices to pick at random.
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    There's a place there called the Wickannish (not sure if that's spelled correctly)...I know a few people who've stayed there and loved it. Planning a trip out there later in the spring. Apparently, there's a great spa too, if you're interested.

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    The Wick is beautiful, but pricey. Four days there cost me more than two weeks in the Dominican Republic. The food at the Wick was some of the best that I've had in a while, but the chef that was there has moved to Kelowna. I'd imagine that they probably managed to hire someone of about the same caliber though.

    For someone on more of a budget, try the Tin-Wis. Not bad at all and like the Wick, it fronts onto the beach.

    I know of about half a dozen others in both Tofino and Ucluelet. Prices vary greatly. Camping may also be an option depending on your preferences. Bear in mind that the place is over run in the summer and you'd be well advised to book now. For example, most of the public campgrounds are already fully booked for most of the long weekends from easter onwards.

    Let me know if you need URLs or more options (ie. where to get kites, surfboards, scuba gear, really good oysters, etc.).

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    I'd love to know where the oysters are!!!

    & surfing lessons...

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    My bro used to work at the Wik. It's a nice place to stay and has a very good restaurant. It is pricey so if that's not in your budget there are numerous camp grounds along the way. As soon as you are past Long Beach and through the Pacific Rim National Park, they're all along the highway. Long Beach isn't bad but it's getting pricey now thanks to Campbell.

    Try this link: http://www.island.net/~tofino/ Good luck!
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    The Middle Beach Lodge looks nice. I've never stayed there but I've stayed at other places on the same stretch of beach several times.


    As mentioned, there is the Tin Wis. This is actually a Best Western, and it is a little more motel-ish than other places, but it does look reasonably nice. I walked around the grounds a bit last year.


    I stayed at Crystal Cove Beach resort in a cabin last year. It was quite nice, but for the money you could probably stay at the Wickaninnish Inn.


    The Wickaninnish:


    If you like camping, Bella Pacifica is a nice campground. The sites are fairly small and close together, but the beach front sites are beautiful. You may luck out and find a couple still available.


    If you do some Googling, there are several private homes on Chesterman beach (same beach as the Wickaninnish) that are rented out. This is a beautiful stretch of beach, with some great surf if you are into surfing.

    Good luck!

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