Bangin' the Boyfriend?
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    Angel Girl

    Bangin' the Boyfriend?

    While, I was recovering from surgery and spending most of the day in bed, my seven year old son asked me why I didn't get a boyfriend, since my husband (his Dad) had run off. I told him the television is my new boyfriend, he entertains me all the time. And, even though he sometimes doesn't start, I just give it a few hard whacks on the side and it comes back on and I'm happy as a lark for hours.

    He was satisfied with the explanation and walked away.

    Sunday the pastor stopped by to check on my recovery. My son answered the door. The pastor smiled and asked "Is your Mom busy, son?"

    My little one looked up at him and replied, "Yes, sir, she is in the bedroom banging her new boyfriend and once she gets him started, she'll be happy for hours!"

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