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    Question Car Audio system..

    ...any recommedations for good places with good deals on the car audio systems?

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    your question is kinda blunt.

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    I just got back from the seatle outlet store and cd players are $63.00 Amps are $80.00 for a 800 watt...

    I want to go visit the stereo warehouse but ran out of time...

    Otherwise I dont think there is anywhere that I would go for decent car audio. You could keep an eye on visions web site and you might get some stuff on sale.

    This xmas I got a 10" sub $33.00 ...700 watt 4-3 amp $88.00. Double din DVD player $299.00 6x9 for $20.00 all clarion or MTX....
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    Quote Originally Posted by 125cbr rider View Post
    your question is kinda blunt.
    What kind of budget are you working with? You want audio, video or both? More focus on LOUD or quiet with quality? etc...
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    Not Future Shop, Best Buy, etc. Also, depends on if you need install services or just want to buy equipment.

    If you have a new vehicle, you DEFINITLY want someone experienced pulling the dash apart - not as easy to throw a deck in as it used to be.

    Also... in general, I've had great luck buying second-hand audio equipment. There's a lot of high-end stuff going for cheaper than the low-end garbage at a store. If someone had the cash to spend $1000 on an amp 2 years ago... A) it'll probably be a well built piece of kit that'll outlast a new cheap unit... and B) when they're buying stuff that highend, they were probably responsible enough to not abuse the gear (unless they're bass-head SPL competitors or something).
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    Cheap deals for high watt amplifers are silly, they are garbage amplifiers
    from an audiophile standpoint.

    High quality car audio components are not cheap, never will be cheap,
    and always sound far superior to discount items.

    If you are looking for a complete system and installation, go to a place
    that specializes in that and give them a budget. The system is usually
    designed around the car and how it is designed.

    I have had systems from cheap as a kid to $15,000.00 for a full install.
    There is a huge difference.

    You can get a good setup for not a huge amount of money, but do not
    waste your time with these 800w for $88 things. That amplifier is simply
    a load of bullshit and lies. It might produce 800w for 1 nanosecond if
    the stars lined up correctly and the resistance was just so, and a nanosecond
    later it would melt down and that would be the end of it.

    A good quality 50w amplifier would outperform it and sound far superior.
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