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    Hit and Run Rant


    This is motsly a rant to get things worked out in my mind. A couple of weeks ago I heard a friend's mom was hit by a truck and was in a coma. It was a hit and run and not a lot of leads.

    I've been trying to get in touch with my friend but she's been with her mom in the hospital every day since the accident. I finally got a hold of her yesterday and she filled in a lot more of the details I didn't get before. Her mom was run over by a truck and trailer. Both ran over her body. Her legs were crushed and had to be amputated. Her hips are crushed. She has broken ribs and requires facial reconstruction.

    On Wednesday my friend made the difficult choice of taking her mom off life support. It's been a waiting game since.

    She's been in touch with the police and upgraded the case from hit and run to vehicular homicide.

    Yesterday was her 78th birthday.
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    my condolences to you, your friend and her family.
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    Very sad. Hope they catch the perpetrator.

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    That is really sad. I hope your friend has lots of strength and courage.

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    Very sad that there's animals sharing the road with us like the culprit in question here...

    my thoughts are with your friend and her family.
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