could anyone offer some advice...
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    could anyone offer some advice...

    hi everyone.
    im a new member -- this site came highly recommended by some friends of mine. i am currently trying to find a high performance cruiser style bike, but with a limited price range. all of the research i have done has pointed me in the direction of the mid eighties honda v4 magnas, so that is what i have been actively looking for. recently, however, some people indicated to me that they are not good bikes -- primarily that they all eat cams, whether they were fixed in the recall or not, and secondly, that if you roll on too much horsepower in second gear, that becomes a problem with "slippage" and have to take apart the whole transmission (not good).
    anybody who could offer me an opinion on those original magnas ('82-86), i would greatly appreciate it.

    nice to be a part of the site,


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    My father and I rode a V65 Sabre for years. The Sabre is the kissin' cousin to the Magna. It's basically the same engine and drive train as far as I know.

    We never had a problem with it and it was ridden fairly hard. Then again, perhaps it was just a fluke and we lucked out with a reliable bike while the rest were shite.

    Does anyone know of a "lemon aid" type site for bikes rather than cars?

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