I'm new here, hope this is the right section for this.

I just started riding in January. At first I was terrified on the roads (omg, no walls). But soon it got quite fun. I've had a low-speed low side once and blew through my cheapy gloves and got a bit of roadrash out of it.
I'm a lot more careful wherever I go now.
I'm ride fullface, short gloves, and padded leather RS Taichi jacket.
I'll be swapping back to padded jeans once it cools down a little bit.

I've got a little Aprilia SR50 R Factory, and I'm considering swapping it out for some better tires.

I've done a bit of research and I think Michelin Pilot Sport SC is probably the best tire out there (for my size).

$43 USD ~ 130/60P-13 Front
$48 USD ~ 140/60P-13 Rear

Before I pull the trigger for these online, I'm just wondering if you know if there's a cheaper local alternative? (Being green and all).
I'm going to have to get these mounted as well, so cost for that will figure in too.

As for mounting, obviously some shops will have a bit more care doing it than others.
Do you guys have any experience with who's reliable for doing it?

I'm assuming you're going to tell me to stay away from co-ops like MotoMethod?

thanks so much guys!!!