Another battery question.
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Thread: Another battery question.

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    Another battery question.

    So... after leaving to for 5 days on a trip I come home ready to jump on my bike... 2003 cbr600rr and my ignition is on the "on" position... dont know how it happened, but it did.

    So here i am with a completely dead battery. I have a charger for the winter... tried to hook that up... didnt work. no idea why... so moving on.

    I did a little research into jump starting bikes with a car, I was told NOT to start the car, so i did not, i plugged her in... waited about 5-10 minutes tried to start her up... just not enough juice (old small Honda civic... tiny battery) so... i unplugged the jumpers and reluctantly i started up my car, hooked up the cables and gave it a go... more power... still not enough! so i rev her up for a few minutes and presto. the bike starts up, i remove the first cable and the bike dies. Try again, same thing.

    take all cables off park car, leave bike, played around more with charger and got it to work... going to give it a go tomorrow.

    But my question is... shouldnt my bike have stayed started after jumping in? Was this a sign I damaged something? Is this normal?

    Thanks! ... Sorry about the essay

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    a week old post and noboby responded ??? next time post under "bike techs & mods" Yes its normal for the bike to die if the battery is completely dead it needs to charge up for a while. The battery maybe toast some can't handle a deep discharge. Your key maybe worn out if you can pull it out in the on position --get a new one you might lose while riding.

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    Even if you get that battery to work somewhat, it'll never be good again.
    Save your self some trouble, and go get a new one now.
    They don't like to idle with a totally dead battery.
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    unless you're at the track ;)
    DO IT!

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    If the battery has been that deeply drained, it can be drawing a fair bit of current to try to charge. The bike's charging system may not have enough output to supply that charge AND run the electrical system of the rest of the bike.

    You're probably going to have to replace the battery. If you want to be sure before spending the money, you'll have to charge it up and at the very least get it load tested.

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    Dont screw around trying to raise it from the dead, it may work you may get it started then you go a road trip.

    Stop for a coffee with boys in hell and gone with no cel reception

    and can't get her started agin.

    I also feel its hard on the entire system Stators, rectifiers , and etc so you might toast them all trying to keep it charged.

    Whatever a battery costs it isn't worth taking the chance on


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    When you drain a bike battery down below roughly 9 volts, it will never really come back to life. Also, most chargers have a built in safety that wont let them turn on if they detect less than 10.5V in the batery before th charge.
    Remember 12.6 is fully charged (standing), 12.3 is 50% charged, and 12.0 is fully discharged. Anything below that starts to damage the battery.

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