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    Kill boredom sites

    anyone have any kill boredom sites?

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    Try there's some good stuff on there.

    or try the games section at yahoo or excite (need account).

    If I think of more I will post them.
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    Play the Insanaquarium game. It's completely nuts!

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    If you want to kill time try
    click on "my astro" on the top right of the tool bar on top.You need to know the time of your birth and the exact city,if you were born outside Canada.Then you get these wicked free charts of where all the planets position at the exact time of your birth.Plus they give you free readings when you log in.My astro reading was pretty close to my personality.....SCORPIOS RULE!!!

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    Here's a sample....Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius

    The overall impression you give is of a lively and clever, inventive and original person who tends to lapse into eccentricity. Your notions are dogmatic and strong, and you will do everything you can to convince others of their workability. You are a faithful friend and a relentless enemy In some circumstances your intellect and your feelings may be strengthened. Your strength of will and ability to concentrate for long periods of time are powerful tools in realizing your aims. The key to a more harmonious personality lies in becoming more flexible and willing to adapt. Your Scorpian control can counteract the stubbornness of your nature, if you so will it.

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    I play solitaire and scrabble through the yahoo games menus.
    I have no life.
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    omg, I cant belive yall missed the most obvoius..

    It's not super fun, but if you dig, there's some OK stuff on there.
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    I wish.
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