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Thread: Confession time!!!

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    Arrow Confession time!!!

    Okay, everybody. Here's your chance to confess one of your deep dark secrets. I don't wanna see "That's why it's a secret!". If you don't want to confess, then don't post up!

    It'll be fun, I promise! We'll all have a good laugh at each other's expense.

    I'll go first (I figure the way things are going, I'll never actually see any of you face to face anyway ). Hmm...hard to think of an embarrassing, yet funny, one.

    Okay, here's my secret:

    I used to be an X-Files geek. I taped every episode. I read about all the conspiracy theories and I liked to believe in them. I even joined the Official Fan Club.

    My outfits consisted of an X-Files t-shirt size L, baggy jeans, and black hiking boots....and sometimes a Mickey Mouse baseball cap.
    And on the underside of the brim of the cap, I wrote "X-Files Rules".

    Oh my gosh, this has been so have no idea!!! But here goes...I'm going to hit the submit button...

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    one time, at band camp....!

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    Don't be stupid. Array Sikorsky's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    I have ridden Harleys.

    Sorry, I'm still coming to grips with that.
    The difference between you and me .........

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    Feb 2002
    I like my
    k7 gsxr 600
    I had to go to jail.

    Whew! What a relief. I feel much better now.

    BCSB- Moderator

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    The Wet Coast
    1966 CCM
    They tried to put me in Daltons' cell....I cut a deal.....whew
    I’m not crazy, I just need to get off this island. The doctors don’t believe I invented the chocolate éclair. But I did. I’m going to burn them all and drink soup from their skulls! Happy soup! Untie me and I’ll kill you last!

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    Hmmm...Should I even go there...Why not.It might be good therapy.Well folks,I had to find another adrenalin rush while I waited out my suspension,so I turned to the church of sin-"The Casino"!Won 8,000.00 and lost 8,000.00.I was trying soooo hard to be able to buy my dream bike for the summer and ride with you guys.Damn!I stole 2000.00(Dont ask where) and I sold my car so I can gamble and lost that money too. ATOM!!!Can you spare a buck or two yaah puck!Just kidding......

    Im making my money the hard way this time,Work for it...

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    l337 Haxor Array portent's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    gixxer 6
    I watch "Trailer Park Boys"
    How many Microsoft people does it take to change a light
    bulb? None - they just standardize the darkness".

    Unix is the key to eternal happiness

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    Fraser Valley
    I have never violated any of the seven deadly sins because I'm perfect, beautiful, way too full with food, too slow to sin, too angry to see straight and I can't get away from my huge collection of porn because I'm counting out all my money.
    Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield
    Sparring speed is a matter of simple physics:
    The height of your flight is inversely proportionate to the mass of your ass.

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    none at the moment
    trailer park boys rules!

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    independent Amsoil dealer Array chromedome's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    2007 Harley Nightrain
    Not alot of my friends know , and it has been quite a few years gone by now, but I introduced my wife to an inspector that almost charged me with a homicide charge. I think it was more embarrasing for the wife than anything. It`s too long of a story to get into depth with though.

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    I might be dangerous! Array Manic's Avatar
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    OK I've got one... NO LAUGHING!

    My dad made me a custom-built bike out of scooter parts and a moped engine (he took the pedals off!) and gave it to me for Christmas when I was 3 1/2 years old.

    I started riding that summer. It was a blast being the only kid in the city whose dad took him to the park to rip around on the gravel paths.

    One of the summers, (I'm not sure how old I was, maybe 6) I was riding my custom on the logging roads around my grandparents' cabin. It was a hot summer day and I was squidding it. Just had on shorts, shoes, and my helmet.

    While doing full speed, a whopping 20 km/h, I hit a pothole lost the handlebars and went flying into the shrubs at the side of the road. "flying" I really mean tumbling and by "shrubs" I mean
    stinging neddles!

    Oh boy, you should have heard me screaming. And seen the rash all over my legs, arms, and torso. So that's when I learned to wear gear... the hard way!

    Ride safe!
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    I let the dogs out.

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    ice cream poser Array f4i_2's Avatar
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    Yeah right!
    i used to be called a pedophile for dating someone 4 years my age (she was 16). IS THAT SO WRONG??????

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    Balgony, not Bologna! Array TonyBalgony's Avatar
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    Originally posted by portent
    I watch "Trailer Park Boys"
    Who doesn't?
    Stop Rappin' Man,
    this is the REAL thing.

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    השטן שב
    I once used my buddy's thermos to scoop in some frozen dog shit, and then shook it vigorously before he got back.
    When he did, he continued drinking, and I couldn't stop laughing.

    Once I sabotoged a rope swing, so that my mentally challenged neighbor swung out, and plummeted about 30ft into a *very* dense patch of blackberry bushes, thorns and all. It took him about an hour and a half to get out, and damn, he looked like he was attacked by cats or something.

    There's more, but I don't wanna get lynched.
    "I dread beyond all else the growth of the petty tyranny of restrictive legislation, the transference of disciplinary authority from the judiciary to the constabulary, the abandonment of every constitutional safeguard of individual liberty."

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