Spring Rates and economical suspension upgrades
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Thread: Spring Rates and economical suspension upgrades

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    Spring Rates and economical suspension upgrades





    select bike, some bikes will give a street/track option:

    My bike came with 0.86kg/mm fork springs. On the calculators a 40% increase is recommended front and rear. I don't have any adjustment so I'm forced to ride undersprung.

    The front springs are fairly easy to change and space while the shock would be a pain. The general consensus is a shock should be rebuilt/replaced every 50-80k km under general use. How often should adjustments be made to a suspension as it wears in and out?

    I don't want to spend the thousands required for a full suspension upgrade I just want to reduce the dive and try some feedback instead of floating along. What's the best option?

    fork springs, shock upgrade later $125 little labor lasts forever overloads shock.

    fork and shock springs now $250 labor intense, replacing shock anyways next year or 2. Not sure if I can work on/modify the shock.

    fork springs, valves / rebuild shock valves springs replace/rebuild at shop $1000+.

    replace forks and shock. $2000+
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    I don't know what bike you have but RMR Suspension will "Racetech" your forks and shock with valving and springs for, I'd guess, $1,000-$1,200. I had one of my bikes done for $1,000.

    It will be done to your weight and your riding style. Well worth the money.

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    I ordered Racetech fork springs, and G2R valves for the front of my bike, along with new bushings. I had RMR supply an Eibach rear spring, fork seals, and fork oil, plus do all the work. They also rebuilt and modified the stock valve in my rear shock. All in, including the parts I supplied, the parts RMR supplied, and the labour, was $1100.

    Absolutely the best $1100 I've ever spent on my bike.

    You could save some dough by leaving stock valves, and just changing the springs, but I really feel the valves made a big difference.

    Next step up from my setup would be an aftermarket rear shock, and the Ohlins valve kit. That would have easily doubled my bill, and frankly, I'm not good enough to warrant it.


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