When to quit?
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Thread: When to quit?

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    When to quit?

    Hey guys,

    I'm back on my bike after 7 years of not riding, and I love it. I just can't wait when the weather is nice and go riding.

    I guess my question is, when you hear about a rider down (like the rider from last weekend - RIP), what does that make you feel like? I guess what I'm getting at is do you feel like you want to quit because you're afraid you "may be next"? Or do you go on and just keep riding?

    I know it's a weird/tough question to ask/answer. I was so hyped up to get on the bike again, but keep in mind, I don't go "nuts", I take it easy on rides, etc. Although I know it doesn't take much do go down, or for something to happen quickly, even if you're stopped at a red light and some douche bag smokes you from behind (as read in previous thread) and it's not your fault... I just really never thought of all of that before buying the bike, until I came back onto BCSB and started reading about recent and past accidents...


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    Some BCSB members call it quits (hiatus) when they got kids. I think thats perfectly sensible. I might just the same thing if it ever gets to that.


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    Interesting question. I don't know why people even throw a leg over if they're not a 100%.
    Riding is risky enough already, but to add fear and doubt... well, it's just a matter of time before "you're next" (and hopefully you don't bring anyone down with you).
    I humbly suggest people shouldn't ride if they have fear and death on the mind.... I think it clouds judgment and may cause most to hesitate.... and well you know what comes after that....

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    one can face adversity with fortitude and firmness, or one can cower in fear from any and all perceived threats ...

    the choice is yours - how do you want to live your life?

    That being said, hi-risk activities are dangerous enough in and of themselves, there is no sense in compounding the risks by doing stupid things while you (ride) ... such as drinking first, drugs, racing on the street, passing on blind corners etc ... even proper bike maintenance can ensure your longevity.

    ride on, but ride smart.

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    It's an interesting question. If you have doubts, don't ride.
    When I throw my leg over the bike I never think about crashing or accidents.

    Hmm, wait, maybe I should re-state that. I don't WORRY about accidents, I don't Obsess about them. I do try to remind myself to take it easy and ride defensively.

    I try to remind myself not to outride my skill level.

    I think once you start Worrying about crashing, you start riding tense and the worry may just turn into a self fulfilling prophecy.
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    Quit when the risks outweigh the benefits. For me, the day I find out I'm going to be a father is the day my bike is listed for sale.

    To be honest, I've thought about quitting after every get off/oh shit moment except the last one (which, ironically, was the worst of the bunch). These days I feel a bit bored of Sportbikes, so my ride may very well end up for sale soon...
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    I think Corwin has it exactly right. If you have doubts its a good sign that you should find a new sport. I skydived for 20 years and when someone went in the plane never stopped - not for a minute. I believe that was the right thing for the surviviors. Riding within your skill envelope is the key. Your judgement has to be keen and calm, never clouded by fear. Jumping hard on the brakes deep into a corner is the exact thing fear will cause and the exact wrong thing to do for example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kerunt View Post
    my ride may very well end up for sale soon...
    No one's gonna buy a thrice-crashed R6, yuri

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    I sold my street bike this spring and walked away from it after 20
    years and over 500,000km's.

    In those years, I never once had an accident on the street.

    I walked away on my terms, when I felt like it. I was not overcome
    with fear.. I had just done all that I had wanted to do.

    There maybe a time to ride on the street again... I still do have one

    But... for now, I could care less, and I don't miss it one single bit.
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    meh, riding is riding. some find life through it, others find death. The choice to ride is at it's very essence a willingness to confront death.
    If you are not ready to die at any given moment, don't ride. It's that simple. Be content with a slow, withering death instead.

    Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily.
    Every day when one's body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by mailboxes, branches, light post and telephone poles; being cut off by automobiles, being thrown into rocky outcroppings, being struck and run down by semi trucks, highsiding suddenly and without warning, falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of shattered bones and ruptured internal organs, or committing seppuku at the death of one's master.
    And every day without fail, one should consider himself as already dead.

    This is the way of the motorcycle.
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    I do my best to stay conscious of the risks without worrying about them.

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    I think to myself what a damn shame and waste because virtually every crash and fatality is preventable. Not by riding like a granny but by continuing to advance your skills and education through training. By learning the limits of you, your machine and road conditions and riding at most 80 or 90% of those limits on the street. If you can't stop within the distance you can analyse and correctly adjust, you are playing poor odds and some day you will likely pay dearly. We read about it far too often!
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    When I read about stories like that, I think it was their time.... they could have been in a car or walking down the street....
    Quote Originally Posted by Zug View Post
    Peewee and Kevin from Bayside should get together and start a bike shop called, Fuck you and the bike you rode in on.

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    I never think about quitting driving because someone gets killed in a car accident. I never think about not flying because a plane crashes. I never think about not walking because some pedestrian gets hit by a car. I never think about not riding because someone else died doing it.

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    I have drifted away from riding a few times in my life. I always come back. It is what I love above all things. It may kill me. It may not. It makes me happy.....

    Change it up. Race, road ride, MX, trail ride or enduro. There are many ways to enjoy motorcycles. I have many more to try before I die.
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    will blow up. I cannot guarantee the time between those two events."

    "....those who go for broke often get there...."

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