Front and Rear tire mixes that work and don't work
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Thread: Front and Rear tire mixes that work and don't work

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    Front and Rear tire mixes that work and don't work

    I have always been a flag waver for having the same front and rear tire. Why would I argue against a tire manufacturer? Recently my attitude has changed about this.

    There are only two mixes I have used.

    Pilot Power CT2 front & Pilot Road 2 rear. At first the bike did not feel right. I was very hesitant in corners but after about 500kms they felt great! It was a great mix and I would run it again.

    Recently I had a set of Pirelli Angel ST (horrible rear tire IMHO). I was forced to get a new rear tire on a road trip in a small town. They had a Dunlop Qualifier 1409. I didn't want the tire but I had no choice. Now I have a Pirelli Angel ST up front and a Dunlop Qualifier 1409 (Dunflop??) on the rear. This should be interesting. Well it was. It turned out to be one of the best set of tires I have ever had. Not sure why but I felt rock solid around any corner. The rear turned in faster than the front which would normally cause me concern but it just worked. I really don't have a good explantion for it.

    What tire mixes have worked for you? What haven't?

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    I've been always told by shops that we should avoid harder (e.g. sport touring) front and sticky rear combination, they say it's dangerous. I haven't tried that yet.

    They also say we should avoid other combination, like different makes but similar to other, or sticky front and harder rear. I've mixed brands with similar character many times, they never felt strange. In fact, I didn't feel anything different.
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    Just had my rear angel tire swapped out as well . Back to PR2 still have front always feels different when you swap out one tire even if it was same tire brand and model. as the tire wears profile gradually changes and so does the handling you dont really notice how different it is until you install a new tire or tires.Iv ran conti rears corsa III fronts and a few other combos it always changes the way the bike handles but you soon get use to it.

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