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    Smile Good samaritan

    I was riding my girlfriend's bike up to UBC and it quit on the way there. The battery was already kinda dead that morning (I live on a big hill so no problem) so I had to push it the rest of the way. I tried one last bomb start on a small hill at the university and it fired up so I did my things and left. Just after pulling onto Marine drive and passing a group of cars it quit again, this time for good. I pushed it all the way to 41st. Along the way a car stopped and asked if I needed some gas. I didn't think to ask if he had a phone and the gas tank lock was frozen (could hear it sloshing around anyway). Well I made it to 41st and a truck stopped and asked if I needed a lift. I am too cheap for tow trucks so I was going to push it home to 41st & Knight We threw it in the back of the truck and they drove me right to my doorstep. Probably saved me about four hours of pushing if I made it that far.

    Anyways, acts of kindness like this seem to be getting rare these days. They are a light landscaping/gardening company and gave me their card: Call Dana at Ace of Spades (731-6694) if you need any of their services. Tell them that Rob said thanks for the ride.

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    That's awesome! Not too many humans like that out there anymore.

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    UBC to Knight is a very long distance to be pushing a bike.
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    reward them with beeer man!
    thats one in a million

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    Glad to hear that someone out there doens't hate sportbike riders. Cheers to the samaritans.
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    Ya dude, that is awesome.

    If I were you, I'd take them out to dinner. Still cheaper than a tow truck and/or the time it would've taken you to push/wait for the tow truck etc.
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    A good act like that should not go unrewarded.....
    Buy a few rounds for him... a little appreciation goes a long way...
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    Thats great, thanks for sharing the story. Good to hear that even in the big bad city of Vancouver people still have small town values.

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