ICBC part 7 " cash out "
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Thread: ICBC part 7 " cash out "

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    ICBC part 7 " cash out "

    Hey everyone,

    I have been on this forum a long time ago.

    I got into an accident 2 years it was my fault i ran something over on the road and flew into a ditch. Long story short I am disabled today and the doctors said I will stay that way for life.

    I couldn't find any help from icbc or online so i wanted to see if anyone here can help me out.

    ICBC is offering me a part 7 cash out I had a $150,000 spending limit on my case. I used up about 40,000 of that. The amount they are offering me today is very low and I don't know if there are ways to bump that sum up a bit.

    I tried to contact a few lawyers but no one really wanted to take the case.

    If anyone knows more about this or knows a good lawyer please let me know I am running out of time.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Have you contacted They are a sponsor here, too.
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    do yourself a favor and dont settle without a lawyer.

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    I had a 5 year battle with icbc. Without knowing the details it is hard to say what you are entiled to. I would not even think about making a deal without a lawyer. Even if it costs you initially out of your own pocket. Remember it is icbc s intent to give you as little as possible and to pretend to be your buddy and tell you lies to achive that goal.
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    Very true

    Buddy of mine had a m/c accident to this day his back has made him useless (has his good and bad days) He was busted up real bad in the hospital and had operations.
    Finally had a final settlement (with lawyer) and got a good amount but if you look at it yearly and break it down of his wait time.........

    I would have said no no no No... He took it he was a hurting unit after 4 years no work but then 6 months after his back went all out again he has been cranked on meds and cannot work in the industry he used to so spend the time looking for the proper outcome of this.

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