Hey there guys/girls!

i recently picked up a rolling chassis from a guy at work because he needed room in the garage. here is a list of parts that are for sale. just want to ad that there is no title for the frame and the vin is half scratched out, my colleague told me the bike was bought at a wreckers as a parts bike. i did do a vin check with the rcmp and the vin came up empty...i would never steal bikes and would never buy a stolen one i have too much to loose, i make an honest living. anyways just thought i would get that out in the open anymore questions just ask.

2006 KX250f

Renthal Bars - regular size, great condition -$20
Triple clamps - great condition, risers are adjustable for oversize bar kits - $50
Fork Tubes - good condition, no leaks, no dings/dents - $100
Front Brake set up - Rotor, Line, Reservoir, caliper (all good condition) - $40
Rear Brake set up - Rotor, Line, Lever, Reservoir, caliper, (good cond) -$40 ($60 front & rear)
Rims - good condition all spokes are in good shape - $30 each $50/pair
Front tire - 80% bridgestone 80/100-21 $20
Rear tire - 80% perelli 100/90-18 $20 will leave tires on if you buy the rims (saves me some work )
Frame - good condition, straight - $80
Sub Frame - straight great condition - $20 (will leave on frame if you buy the frame)
Foot Pegs - banged up not pretty, but are straight and do the job - $10 (will leave on frame if you buy that)
Swingarm - great condition, regular wear - $60
Right/Left Rads - no leaks, no dents, hoses are like new - $60 for both $30 each
Carb - Not gummy, good working order -$60 includes the throttle cables
Shock - great condition, little wear on the spring, very clean, no leaks - $50 will include linkages if needed
Airbox w/filter - its in good shape doesnt have the top half of the box -$20
Skid Plate - ok condition, used - $10 will leave it on the frame if buying the frame.
Engine - bottome end is all there...right and left cases are gone as well as the head. its basically just the bottom end and the lower head case with piston $100.
Front fender - green and a white number plate - $20 for both.
chain - good condition, not much wear - $20 master link included

everything is best offer and dont hesitate to ask for pictures. i think my prices are fair but i will let the entire bike go for $300...lots of useful parts if you have a kawi kx.

I work for a shipping company so if your too far away, pay pal works for me, i get 75% on shipping so it doesnt cost much. i know i dont post much but if you are worried for any reason i am a long time member of a motorcycle forum in toronto called www.gtamotorcycle.com with the same member name zacm7 look me up or ask around.

have a great one!


i am in port moody and work in burnaby at holdom and lougheed...i make my way downtown once a week and i am in poco once a week as well, if you want to meet up thats great but my truck uses to much gas to deliver parts unless your willing to pitch some gas money as well, i will deliver the entire bike if you need it.